Western Virginia Public Education Consortium

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WVPEC Committees

Unless indicated otherwise, all terms end June 30 of the year shown.

Executive Committee


Elected May 7, 2015

Updated September 10, 2015

Chair: Strader Blankenship, Carroll County (2016)

Vice-Chair:  Greg Killough, Roanoke County (2018)

Tom Brewster, Pulaski County (2016)

Kevin Harris, Floyd County (2017)

Robert Graham, Radford City (2017)

Mark Church, Franklin County (2018)

Dave Alexander (ex-officio), Virginia Tech (2017)

Brad Bizzell (ex-officio), Radford University (2016)

Virginia House of Delegates (ex-officio) (2018)

WVPEC’s Executive Committee consists of six (6) elected Governing Board Superintendents whose terms run in three (3) year increments. Ex-officio members attend Executive Committee meetings and have voting authority when required.

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