Western Virginia Public Education Consortium

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High School Senior Survey

This survey was developed by school staff to allow high school seniors to evaluate their experiences at your high school(s). Once students have submitted their surveys, the data is compiled and tabulated by WVPEC and results are sent to each school Superintendent detailing the perceptions of his/her graduating seniors.  Taking this Survey is NOT mandatory.

When the window is open, counselors or teachers may choose any day or week to complete this survey.  Often, guidance counselors or high school senior government or English 12 teachers take their classes to a computer lab to complete the survey or they can take it from their phones or tablets. 

The High School Senior Survey is hosted by Survey Monkey.  You will physically access the site through our website or the link we provide to you by email but please make sure that your school system’s filter does not block the Survey Monkey site during the survey administration. 


Instructions to teachers/counselors:

  • While WVPEC has the survey open, a link will be activated allowing you access to the survey site.
  • Your students should enter the name of their school.
  • Students will then be able to complete the survey.
  • Have students complete the process by clicking “done” to submit the survey.
  • Survey Monkey's parameters should allow a computer to "loop" back to the beginning once a student hits "done" after completing the survey. 

We will be closing access to the survey Friday, June 15.

If you or your staff have technical concerns with accessing the WVPEC High School Senior Survey, please contact us at 540 831-6399 or wvpec.executive.asst@gmail.com.

Thank you for bringing this to the attention of your students!