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Once yearly, the High School Senior Exit Survey is made available to seniors to complete and submit their input on the experiences and perceptions they gained during their years with your school.   For those of you that are not aware of this service, the survey was developed by school staff to allow high school seniors to evaluate their experiences at high school.  To give you an idea of the questions asked, we have attached a copy of the survey (below).  Once your schools have submitted the students' surveys, the data is compiled and tabulated by WVPEC and results are sent to each school Superintendent detailing the perceptions of his/her graduating seniors.  We will be returning to you a hard copy of your school(s) computations and comments for your analysis and review. There is no cost associated with having your high school seniors complete this survey.  In the past, this has been a useful tool for those school divisions that have taken part in the process and we encourage you to have your seniors complete the survey. 

When the window is open, counselors or teachers may choose any day or week to complete this survey.  Often, guidance counselors or high school senior government or English 12 teachers take their classes to a computer lab to complete the survey.  Your counselor/teacher should be aware of his/her school code before taking students to the computer lab (the school codes will be provided to principals at the time the survey window is opened).   He/she will need to tell students the code or write it on a board for students to enter in order to access the survey. Teachers or counselors might want to practice this process at least once before bringing students to the computer lab.

Instructions to teachers/counselors:

  1. The High School Senior Survey is hosted by Survey Monkey (www. surveymonkey.com).  You will physically access the site through our website but please make sure that your school system’s filter does not block the Survey Monkey site during the survey administration.  The survey does not take a long time to complete and your counselors/teachers may access it for as long as it is needed.
  2. When the window is open, a link will be activated below allowing you access to the survey site.
  3. Ask your students to type in their school code that you have provided to them. This step prevents others from contaminating your school’s results.
  4. Your students should click on the name of their school.
  5. Students will then be able to complete the survey.
  6. Have students complete the process by clicking on “done” to submit the survey.
  7. Once you have given students the opportunity to complete and submit their input, please send us a quick email and provide the name of your school and city/county indicating you no longer need access to the site (they can do this through the "contact us" button at the top of this site).  This will ensure we do not close down the site prior to receiving input and will allow us to cross check entries to make sure your results are properly captured.

If you or your staff have technical concerns with accessing the WVPEC High School Senior Survey, please contact us at 540 831-6399 for more information or non-technical assistance.

Look for us next year and thank you for bringing this to the attention of your students!