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Western Virginia Public Education Consortium

Annual Teacher Recruitment Job Fair

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Listen  to an interview with Lynchburg Radio Group & Dr. Arbogast as

he explains the 2017 Job Fair!

Please check back for information on our 2018 Teacher Recruitment Job Fair (will be held end of January/early February).  Although this year's event has passed, much of the information below will be applicable for next year's Job Fair.  

Did you know?

For the 2016-17 school year, many vacancies were posted and filled
by the divisions registered for the Job Fair!

Positions continue to become available in all content areas so please continue to check the division websites provided.

WHO should attend

Any individual that holds (or will be eligible to hold) a valid teaching license by the commencement of the 2017-18 school year, including ...

Students that expect to graduate in May or June 2017

Students who have completed Level I of the Career Switchers program and are seeking employment to
enter into Level II

Teachers interested in relocating within the Commonwealth or from another State

Degreed (non-licensed) individuals seeking a new career in education

What YOU should do

Update your resume!!!

If possible, get a copy of your transcript (many of our divisions now require a certified copy if you formally apply for a position but will accept a copy the day of the Job Fair)

Glance at the division websites to familiarize yourself with their recruiting methods

Download and complete the
"Universal Job Application" (although not accepted by some divisions, it is accepted by a number of divisions that will be in attendance and is a great way to compile the information in one place for referencing if you decide to complete any of the on-line applications)

If you are interested in a division that requires on-line submission, consider filling it out in advance of the Job Fair (not required but may be a time saver)

Prepare to meet and greet HR representatives from multiple districts!!!

Attendance at the Job Fair is required for your information to remain in our database after the Job Fair. The HR staff will access this database in the future when seeking qualified candidates to fill teaching positions during the upcoming year.

Please check the division websites as positions become available.
Vacancies WILL materialize in all content areas.

Please note that if you access a division's website for job postings, they may not be listed.