Western Virginia Public Education Consortium

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Mission, Goals & Strategies

MissionUtilizing the latest developments in technology, the Western Virginia Public Education Consortium ("WVPEC") will initiate and nurture systemic, sustainable, and collaborative efforts aimed at the improvement of learning conditions for all students in the WVPEC service area, by providing high-quality staff development conferences throughout the year

Goals:  WVPEC strives toward the ultimate goals of raising academic achievement, promoting student personal development, and instilling the value of community in all students.  These students will be adaptable, globally educated, skilled in their chosen careers, technology competent and prepared to compete in the Information Age.

Strategies:  WVPEC will ...

  1. promote collaborative responses to academic challenges in 23 Virginia school divisions;
  2. implement technology initiatives for effective classroom instruction and school system management;
  3. conduct research, develop, and disseminate effective curriculum, teaching skills and strategies;
  4. initiate and nurture successful educational partnerships with parents, communities, businesses and government;
  5. provide high-quality research and staff development conferences using high-quality speakers and presenters;
  6. act as a resource for school divisions requesting additional training and coordination of outside resources;
  7. continue to search for additional funding sources to benefit consortium members; and
  8. support Virginia Tech's Regionally Appointed Administrators academy which assists school divisions with current or newly-appointed administrators.