​​​​What you receive

Membership fees are nominally based on each school division's March 31 student ADM but the benefits are enormous when you take advantage of the programs WVPEC has to offer! 

Benefits include:

*  Reduced registration fees for staff attendance at professional development conferences & workshops held throughout the year.

*  Ability to participate in annual Teacher Recruitment Job Fair.

*  Discounts for those attending  COTA/Virginia Tech’s Recently

Appointed Administrators academy.

* High School Senior Survey participation (at no cost to members). 

*  Research and support at the request of your school system

If you would like more information about your school division becoming a member, please contact WVPEC's Executive Director, Dr. Arbogast.

WVPEC School Divisions


WVPEC currently has 24 school divisions whose support and inspiration transcend across Virginia.  Additionally, Virginia Tech and Radford University provide invaluable support to our organization and staff!

Western Virginia Public Education Consortium




Join us for this Professional Development on integrating STEM activities into K-5 Classrooms.

Join Dr. Rod Brame and the WVPEC for this virtual learning session on

Wednesday March 24, 2021
12:30 to 3:30 p.m. (K-5)
$39 per person

Join Dr. Roderic Brame as he answers “How are we going to inspire students to be excited about learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math?”

Several “Hands-On Minds-On” student centered activities that integrate STEM are provided along with how to adapt them for different grades and learners.

Dr. Brame is an expert in providing positive, engaging, and meaningful experiences in STEM for schools across the country.
Establishing programs that inspire innovation, invention, and Engineering Design in K-5 education are key initiatives advocated by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Dr. Brame incorporates these initiatives in cutting edge efforts to optimize STEM education at every level of teaching and learning.

Elementary school is an especially important level to engage students in inquiry and design thinking because they are some of the most intellectually developing years.
These wonderful and valuable experiences have the potential to advance student achievement especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Registration included in flyer link below.​​

WVPEC Membership

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2021 Teacher Job Fair


Professional Development


Previous 2020-2021 Programs include:

Lisa Meyers and "Remote Reading" November 18, 2020

​Mia Pumo and "Instructional Coaching" February 17, 2021




February 20, 2021

9 am t o2 pm

The Job Fair is over but you can still contact employers.  Click on the school you are interested on the left and check for their vacancies. You can also send in resumes and other information.

Best wishes on your job search.

WVPEC member recruiters come together annually to recruit for teaching positions in our area. Take advantage of this recruitment fair virtually with the individuals that make the hiring decisions for their districts! 

This year it is being held on February 20th from 9 am to 2 pm via Career Fair Plus.  You can participate in the virtual fair on your phone by downloading the free app from your favorite app store, or you can go to careerfairplus.com (click on the link above) and visit the job fair that way.